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Taming Those Loose Ends on Spools of Thread

September 28, 2010 Leave a comment

I have hundreds of spools of thread for my sewing and embroidery machine. I was looking for an economical solution for keeping the threads from unraveling and making a tangled mess. Because I have so many spools, most ready-made solutions would end up being too costly. Well I was at the Dollar Tree store this weekend and saw a pack of those rubber bands for the little braids. There was 750 in the package. WOW, for a dollar I would see if this was my solution. They are not what I would consider real rubber, they are more like an elastic plastic. They do work and are just large enough to go over one of the larger spools of thread. I am hoping they continue to work after being taken on and off multiple times but if they don’t, hey, I have 740 left in there.

They come in a variety of colors. I learned very quickly that you want to put dark ones on light-colored thread and light ones on the dark threads. They stretch out to about the size of thread too so it is hard to tell where they are on the spool. For three days they have worked, I will let you know if things change but it is a solution for me today. I hope this helps someone else.

I tried to take a picture of the plastic bubble card they came on but I could not get a good enough picture so you could tell anything. Just look in the hair styling supplies of any store. Some brand of them will be available.

Scented Packets for Hangers

September 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Scented Hanger PDF

I saw this project and thought how nice to freshen up some closets, especially for those holding out of season clothes. I modified it somewhat to accommodate the material I had on hand. After they were made I was just looking at them. Then I thought that it could also be a good hiding place for small articles. It can hold cash or small jewelry. I found the pattern on the internet. It is compliments of White Sewing Machines.

Scented Cover Two

The Blue Jean Purse Tutorial

September 19, 2010 Leave a comment
Purse made from recycled jeans

Purse made from recycled jeans

I finished this purse for my sister’s granddaughter.  I like the tutorial section on other sites that I decided to try and make a tutorial when I could for the projects I am making.

The shorts are from a garage sale for 25¢.  I have a large collection of old jeans that I use to make projects so I used part of a leg from another pair for the strap.  I had the lining material but that small part probably cost 50¢.  I had the thread and velcro.  The cost of my purse was under $1 but yours should not be much more.  Just look for those garage sale bargains.

Original Jean Shorts

Garage Sale Shorts

I opened the crotch seam by cutting them.  You will be removing this part so preserving this seam area is not important.

Releasing crotch seam

Releasing crotch seam

You need to open the front seam.  This seam is important for reconstruction.  Use your seam ripper and open it carefully.   I opened it almost to the intersection under the front opening.

Opening front seam

Opening front seam

I folded the side over flatly as in the picture.  I drew a  line down the middle of the front opening to crotch area.  You will do this on both sides of the front panels.  This line is your guide for the front seam of the purse.

Measuring for new seam placement

Measuring for new seam placement

I trimmed some of that excess material away and closed the seam.  The I laid it flat to see how much of the back that needs to be trimmed away.  (I chose to save the hem and have it on the purse.  This did cause more work but I think it was worth the effort.) The line I drew on the back side was for the final length of the purse so I had to consider that it was going to include that hem.  The lines showed what the excess was and had a very small seam allowance in it.

Measuring for new length of back of purse

Measuring for new length of back of purse

You will trim the excess and sew the hem back on.  The arrows show the seam after I sewed them back together again.  Then I sew the bottom together.  I sewed it on the outside with matching thread

Back is sewn back together

Back is sewn back together

I placed the shorts the lining material I chose.  I traced around the outline of the jeans with about a half inch extra around.  The lining will be smaller but this will insure that we have enough.  Then with wrong sides together, I sewed the sides and bottom.  Then I fitted it in the jeans until I liked the fit.

Measuring the lining

Measuring the lining

At this time I made a strap out of the leg of an old pair of jeans that had the same color consistence of the purse.  I forgot to take pictures.  I cut 24″ x 3″.  I turned under 1/4″ along one of the long sides and ironed it down.  Then I folded the other long side to middle.  This will have wrong side touching wrong side.  (There is NO way you are going to sew it and turn it. So let’s make it easier to do.) Then fold the other edge with the 1/4″ turn under toward the middle so it covers the raw edge.  Then sew it down to close it.  I did refold this a couple of times so the seam ended would be fairly close to the edge and made a second seam on the other side so it be balanced with the seams.    I hope this is clear..if not contact me and I will help you.

Then I pinned the strap to both sides.  I sewed it in with the machine and went over it twice to hold up to whatever an eight year will do with.  I placed the lining in the purse and pinned it.  I did have to take it out and take in one side another half inch so it would fit properly.  That’s what you do when don’t really measure it but just eyeball the fit the first time.  Then I hand hemmed it due to the decorative front.

Handle attached and lining pinned

Handle attached and lining pinned

I sewed about and inch long piece of velcro for the closure.

Blue Jean Purse

Finished product

I placed the shorts the lining material I chose.  I traced around the outline of the jeans with about a half inch extra around.  The lining will be much smaller as we fit it later but this will insure that we have enough.

Measuring the lining

Ruffled Skirts for Little Girls

September 11, 2010 2 comments

I have finished these 4 skirts for two little girls in my life. I got this wonderful pattern from You Can Make This website. I just love this site for patterns and ideas of things to make.

This pattern is called Ooh La La Ruffled Skirt. It is a PDF download with multiple sizes. I looked up the amount of material to buy and thought I would make one child a skirt with the pink as the main color with black material as the ruffles. The other girl would get the blue main color with the brown material as the ruffles. I was going to make the ruffles with no hem (wider piece folded in half.) The thought of hemming that many ruffles made me lean to the “no hem” version. After I got home I realized that having that much fabric would be too heavy for a summer dress. Then I thought….hey what about making the ruffles out of tulle. So back to the fabric store and buying tulle for the ruffles. I am very pleased with how they turned out and think I will make future dresses in this fashion or with a very thin material for the ruffle….until I can convenience myself to buy a Serger for those hems with single layer ruffles. Well now off the to the post office next week to send them to some eagerly awaiting girls.

And the Christmas list of gifts to make has been started

September 5, 2010 Leave a comment

I am going to finish some clothing projects I have made a commitment to before I start my Christmas gifts.  I hope to get the clothes totally finished and sent by a week from tomorrow.  Then I can start on my list of things I want to do for my family and friends.  I come from the old school that when you make a gift for someone who you give so much love too.  The children will also get something that I buy from their list but they will get a special gift that I want them to have too.  I started the list of gifts and they include a purse made from jeans, a closet freshener (secret place too), candle holder and many more to be named later.  I will be posting progress reports and pictures.  I hope you enjoy and maybe get inspired like other bloggers have done for me.

The first step is to dive in

August 19, 2010 Leave a comment

I have wanted to start a blog for years.  I have wondered how other people can be so creative and have the time to write.  After talking to many friends, they told me to just start writing.  I will get better the more I do it.  “Practice makes perfect” comes to mind.  Not that I will ever be perfect with writing, but let’s hope I do get better.  I was told to write about things that I like.  That would be sewing, crafting and now with this economy, I am learning how to pinch nickels until they scream.  I love trying new things, be it food or a new type of craft.  Well, it is starting a new day now, let me see what I can get into on this Thursday.

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